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Flow Measurement Solutions
for Cardiothoracic Surgery

Products to Reduce Early Graft Failure Following CABG Surgery

Get immediate, quantitative data to objectively assess the quality of an anastomosis

The patency of coronary bypass grafts is at the heart of CABG surgery. Transonic’s transit-time ultrasound technology offers cardiac surgeons assurance that the grafts they anastomose are patent. With unsurpassed accuracy, our products provide immediate, quantitative data to objectively assess the quality of an anastomosis.

Unseen blood flow obstructions can be detected immediately and repaired before closing the patient Studies have shown that measuring flow intraoperatively reduces early graft failure following CABG surgery.

Benefits of these invaluable quantitative tools are:

  • Verify graft patency
  • Reduce bring-backs
  • Reduce early graft failure

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CABG Surgery Products

Optima Meters
Coronary Flowprobes (FMC-Series)

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Cardiothoracic Applications

Measure Cardiac Output with Highest Accuracy

With enhanced reliability & greater ease of use

Regardless of the nature of the defect you are correcting, your primary goal is to create and restore blood flow to its normal route through the heart and lungs so the child can thrive.

But waiting for a symptomatic acknowledgment after surgery is subjective and time-consuming.

Transonic’s COnfidence Flowprobes help you:

  • Identify single flows or Qp/Qs flows simultaneously
  • Confirm your clinical impressions during the course of the surgery or alert you to a potential problem at a time when it can be most easily addressed
  • Immediately correct a problem before closing the patient

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Pediatrics Products

Optima Meters
COnfidence Flowprobes

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Cardiothoracic Applications

Cost Savings with Flow Measurement Tools

Flow-based intraoperative graft patency assurance offers clear fiscal benefits

CABG is one of the most frequently performed surgeries around the world with nearly 250,000 operations performed annually in the United States alone. CABG surgery expends more resources than any other cardiovascular procedure.

As a hospital administrator, it’s a constant challenge to consolidate costs while maximizing value. Measuring flow during CABG is one example of a quality measure that meets both criteria.

Transonic’s flow measurement tools and technology provide cost savings by:

  • Improving quality
  • Avoiding reoperations
  • Avoiding readmissions

Using flow measurement tools can also have positive impacts on your facility’s reputation.

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Precision Flow Measurement Tools

Assess cardiac flow balance during VAD implantation procedures

Surgery for implantation of a mechanical circulatory device is precarious and requires intense precision by the entire surgical team. Transonic’s Perivascular COnfidence Flowprobe can be used intraoperatively to provide additional security and assurance. The COnfidence Flowprobe can measure direct blood flow in the aorta or pulmonary artery during VAD implantation to maintain an appropriate Qp:Qs ratio for each and every patient.

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VAD Implementation Surgery Products

COnfidence Flowprobe (AU-Series)
Optima Meters