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Transonic Flowmeters: FlowXL®

The Newest Addition to Transonic’s Gold-Standard Transit-Time Flowmeters

Surgical complications — like premature graft failure due to unseen flow restrictions— can negatively affect patient outcomes and the hospital’s reputation. Any surgical procedure whose basis is to augment, restrict, or create new flow pathways should involve quantitative flow measurements to verify intraoperative flow rates and to inform the surgeon’s clinical impressions.
Intraoperative volume flow measurements with the FlowXL, Transonic’s newest transit-time ultrasound flow measurement system, give the surgeon peace of mind prior to closing and helps the surgeon ensure the best possible outcome for their patient.

The FlowXL is currently only for sale in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and select countries in Asia.

The FlowXL is a standalone, touchscreen Flowmeter used during surgery with Transonic’s Flowprobes to measure, display, and document absolute volume flow and other derived flow parameters in blood vessels and ducts. It is now even easier to use in a new versatile, configurable system designed to suit all user needs. QuickFlow or AdvancedFlow options allow the user to choose the software functionality that fits their workflows.

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Product Overview

Learn more about FlowXL in this product video:

For complete video tutorials of the FlowXL including both QuickFlow and AdvancedFlow features click here.