To Measure is to Know: Clinicians, researchers and medical device developers seeking quantitative data to improve their outcomes and results turn to Transonic® to provide measurement solutions. For over three decades, the unprecedented resolution of Transonic measurements has made Transonic synonymous with gold standard diagnostic and research measurement tools.


  • 04.22.2020

    Sanibel Symposium

  • 05.06.2020

    International Liver Transplantation Society (ILTS) 2020



  • PRESS RELEASE: University Hospital, Padua, Italy Buys ELSA Monitor to Combat COVID-19

    Shortly after the COVID-19 virus began its lightning spread around the globe in February, 2020, Transonic Surgical Marketing Manager Tim Callahan was contacted by Transonic’s longtime Italian distributor Iatrotek srl saying that the University Hospital in Padua wanted to purchase an ELSA Monitor in order to optimize their extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy (ECMO) for persons suffering severe respiratory distress

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  • PRESS RELEASE: Ithaca, NY Biotech Firm Provides Critical Measures for COVID-19 Patients

    As the Covid-19 flu pandemic continues to claim the lives of thousands, medical teams around the globe are scrambling to use extreme measures to save their patients experiencing acute respiratory failure (ARDS). Veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (VV ECMO) is one such measure. It is initiated to save a patient by drastically improving oxygen delivery to the body and to limit lung injury.  

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