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To Measure is to Know: Clinicians, researchers, and medical device developers seeking quantitative data to improve their outcomes and results turn to Transonic to provide measurement solutions. For over three decades, the unprecedented resolution of Transonic measurements has made Transonic synonymous with gold-standard clinical and research measurement tools.

Advancing Meaningful Measurements with Transonic

Our goal is to provide world-class measurement products with gold-standard accuracy and precision, and to deliver measurement solutions by sharing the knowledge accumulated in thousands of publications and validations.


Take the guesswork out of knowing flow and make informed decisions about the proper course of treatment with Transonic’s volume flow measurement solutions.


Transonic flow measurements inform the surgeon, the nephrologist, and the interventional radiologist and create a “Circle of Care®” for the patient and their vascular access.

Mechanical Circulatory Support

Whether you need non-invasive flow measurement during cardiopulmonary bypass or need quantitative flow and recirculation metrics, Transonic’s products can help you deliver the best care.

Tubing Flow Meters

From Bench to Bedside, Transonic tubing Flowsensors revolutionized blood flow measurement in biomedical device engineering. With non-invasive Clamp-on and Precision Inline Flowsensors we’ve got your flow measurement needs covered.

Life Science Research

Transonic offers a wide range of innovative products and measurements for life science research applications. Whether you are performing basic research, translational studies, or pre-clinical trials there is a solution for you.

Transonic Inside
OEM Solutions

When you choose Transonic for your biomedical device, our team helps streamline your development process and provide measurement solutions that set your device apart.

What our customers are saying..

Flow is a vital parameter during cerebrovascular surgery; including flow in my surgical approach gives me a high degree of control over surgical outcome. When I close the patient, I know the patient will recover without ischemia surprises. This translates into peace of mind for the patient and me, and saves money for the hospital.

Pr.Charbel small

F. Charbel, MD, FACS

University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

The Transonic Flow-QC Hemodialysis Monitor has benefited numerous dialysis-dependent patients by reducing and, in many cases, eliminating the agony of a clotted AV graft or fistula, thereby facilitating correction of access stenoses on an elective basis that prevents missed dialyses and the need for placing temporary catheters.

T. Depner, MD

UC Davis, USA

Transonic's ELSA monitor quantitatively measures oxygenator clotting which we implemented with our COVID-19 ECMO patients to improve our bedside decision making in circuit component change-outs.

P. Weerwind, Perfusionist

Maastricht University Hospital, The Netherlands

These [MC3PSB & MC24PAU COnfidence] probes made it possible to measure cardiac output and coronary blood flow in awake animals as they were chronically implanted...Lastly, chronic instrumentation allowed us to investigate myocardial function and myocardial blood flow even during treadmill exercise. The blood flow data was very stable and allowed for reliable measurements on the treadmill.

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J. van de Wouw, MD, PhD

Erasmus University, The Netherlands

Routine use of intraoperative transit-time flow measurements reduces the incidence of postoperative anastomosis failure and related technical complications of bypass surgery and leads to a significant reduction of postoperative mortality in CABG.

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S.F. Bauer, MD, MBA

Heart Institute Lahr, Germany

Transonic® is not content to merely sell world class products. It is not enough to provide gold standard-accuracy and precision in our measurements. Our goal is to deliver measurement solutions by sharing the knowledge accumulated in thousands of publications and validations. This knowledge turns a number into an answer. We bring meaning so that a measurement can lead to a better diagnosis, a course of treatment, a solution.

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