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Tubing Flowmeter Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers

Don't settle for anything less than precision volume flow measurements

See how Transonic’s technology can improve your medical device

Transonic’s transit-time ultrasound technology demonstrates clear advantages over other flow measurement technologies and achieves high-resolution measurements over a wide dynamic range with exceptional stability and reliability. Both Inline and non-invasive Clamp-on Flowsensors measure volume flow of water, saline, and blood analogs like glycerin & water solutions with unparalleled precision. Whether used for medical device R & D, incorporated into OEM or for quality test procedures during manufacture, Transonic Flowmeters and Flowsensors are built and calibrated under Transonic's QMS and are supplied with traceable calibration certification.

Products that use Transonic customized OEM Flowsensors and Flowboards include the following:

  • Heart Lung Machines
  • Organ Preservation Apparatuses
  • Artificial Organs
  • Infusion/Transfusion/Perfusion Systems
  • Ventricular Assist Devices
  • Dialysis Systems
  • CP Bypass Pumps/ECMO
  • Ophthalmic Microsurgery Systems

Medical Device Manufacturer Tubing Flowmeter Products

400-Series Multi-Channel Research Consoles
Custom Solutions for Integration Into Your Product