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Tubing Flowmeter Solutions
for Bioprocess Engineers

Enhance the Performance of Your Process with Transonic Non-invasive Flow Measurement Technology

Measure volume flow of cell media and process liquids in most flexible tubings.
Successful creation of biological and biopharmaceutical agents requires precise control over the entire bioprocess reactor while maintaining strict hygienic conditions. Proper flow of fluid media into and out of the system are important to batch quality. While one might be able to vary the rate at which pumps turn, tubing can degrade over the course of a run, often resulting in too little or too much media being fed into the process, sometimes with catastrophic results. Transonic® provides non-invasive volume flow measurements with sensors that clamp onto the outside of the tubing to confirm that the volume of media being pumped is precisely what it should be.
Optimize process performance by monitoring fluid volume delivery in real time and confirm pump calibration independently with non-invasive clamp-on Flowsensors from Transonic.

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Optimize Bioprocess Performance withFlowEdge® Non-invasive Flow Measurement
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