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Transonic: Where Life-Saving Innovation Meets Collaboration


Central to every medical device we create or co-create is the patient whose life depends on these innovations. This is why we always start with the patients’ needs in mind.

Transonic focuses its resources on developing products the medical community needs (such as pediatric flow probes) not just those products that can be the most profitable. That’s because people are at the heart of everything we do.


A Family of Innovators

Transonic is a small business still operated by the family who founded it. At Transonic, people are the bottom line.

Because our company prides itself on personal interaction and customer service, when you choose to work with Transonic, you become part of our extended family. Many of our customers have chosen to work with us for decades.

Transonic is more than a business. It’s a family of innovators who develop life-saving technology.

Built in the USA, Applied Globally

All of our Transonic products are built in Ithaca, NY at our corporate headquarters, allowing us to support our local community while contributing to lifesaving procedures around the world.  We take great pride in what we do, and care deeply about making a difference for employees, partners, caregivers and patients everywhere.

Pioneers in Flow Measurement from Bench to Bedside

No one knows a product better than the company that brought it to the world. Transonic created the first medical applications for transit time ultrasound. We began by asking patient-centered questions:

  • What types of measurements do doctors and clinicians need to provide the best care possible during surgery and hemodialysis?
  • How can we partner with innovative medical device manufacturers to improve their current and future technology?
  • What solutions can we develop today to address the needs of tomorrow?

Transonic works closely with customers throughout the development process. We support early-stage research and design and manufacture OEM flow measurement systems, which are then integrated into medical devices used around the globe to improve patient care.

Continuously Learning and Developing

Transonic has been around for forty years and will be around for many more years to come. Why? Because we refuse to be complacent. We’re always improving our products and our customer service by hiring the best staff and collaborating with the leading experts in the field of Transit Time Flow Measurement (TTFM). From handbooks to webinars to demos, we drive the science for Transit-Time Flow Measurement with continued customer support and education. As we continue to learn and grow, we bring everyone in the family with us!

Considering partnering with Transonic’s family of innovators?