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Flow Measurement Solutions for Vascular Access Creation and Intervention

Ensure Early Post-op Patency and Arteriovenous Access or Graft Function

Assure hidden flow obstructions do not jeopardize early post-op patency

Whether creating a new access or revising an existing one, flow measurement provides on-the-spot, quantitative feedback about the quality of the access flow. Intraoperative blood flow measurements during vascular access creation are indicative of future access patency. 

Transonic® flow measurement allows the surgeon to identify the presence of hidden flow obstructions and confirm the success of the procedure before closure. Measurement during flow restoration or reduction procedures confirms that the target flow rate has been achieved, reducing the need for follow-up procedures.

When an AV fistula or graft needs to be surgically revised or salvaged, intraoperative flow measurements take the guesswork out of such revisions by providing the surgeon with quantitative data to help guide future surgical decisions.

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Vascular Flowprobes (FMV-Series)
Carotid Flowprobes (FME-Series)
COnfidence Flowprobes (AU-Series)
Optima Meter


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Flow-Assisted Surgical Technique during Vascular Access Surgery
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