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Transonic AureFlo

Flow-Assisted Surgery to Optimize Outcomes

Why wait for postoperative results to determine surgical success? Measure flow intraoperatively and generate flow waveforms for the operative report. Elevate your professional reputation with referring physicians and protect your practice.

AureFlo's fully integrated measurement system takes Transonic’s gold standard transit-time ultrasound volume flow measurement to the next level. Visualize live flow waveforms on the touch screen display to verify adequate blood flow before closing your patient. Record and save flow data for later analysis, teaching, or documentation.

Product Overview:

  • Data entry is specific for patients, procedures, and vessels.
  • Flow information is easy to measure, capture, store, and retrieve.
  • Touch-screen PC has a clearly legible, high-contrast display.
  • Cart is stable and holds the meter, monitor, and printer securely.
  • Procedure can be recorded in its entirety, or in 8-second flow snapshots.
  • Selected waveforms can be printed for reference, analysis, teaching, or patient documentation.
  • System is compatible with all Optima Meters and all HT3xx-FT Series Meters.

Use any of Transonic’s wide selection of clinical flowprobes or tubing flowsensors (flowmeter dependent).


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