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Flow Measurement Solutions for Extracorporeal Life Support

Optimize ECMO Therapy and Maximize Efficiency

Transit-time ultrasound and ultrasound indicator dilution technologies help safeguard your ECMO care

The ELSA Monitor (Extracorporeal Life Support Assurance) incorporates two of Transonic’s Gold Standard technologies; ultrasound indicator dilution and transit-time ultrasound. As documented in publications from around the world, the technologies provide critical care intensivists with quantitative data, at the bedside.

The ELSA provides continuous high accuracy flow measurement through two transit-time ultrasound clamp-on flowsensors that can be used with all ECMO patient populations.  

Additional measurement capabilities with ultrasound indicator-dilution technology provide critical care teams with added information to optimize patient management. ECMO teams will know the exact percentage of recirculation during VV ECMO and be able to trend accordingly throughout an ECMO case. Perfusionists and ECMO specialists can also trend the increase of clot burden within the oxygenator by measuring the Oxygenator Blood Volume (OXBV). This data allows for improved oxygen delivery from ECMO initiation to decannulation.

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