“The intraoperative use of flow measurements provide invaluable information in a timely, accurate, cost-effective manner allowing for the surgical correction of a surgical problem. This has significantly reduced the complication related to early technically induced graft failure.” Mindich B, MD



Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

The patency of coronary bypass grafts is the heart of CABG surgery. Transonic’s Coronary flow probes offers cardiac surgeons assurance that the grafts they anastomose are patent. With unsurpassed accuracy, the new Optima flow meter and Coronary flow probes provide immediate, quantitative data to objectively assess the quality of an anastomosis. Unseen blood flow obstructions can be detected immediately and repaired before closing the patient. This ability to correct otherwise undetectable flow restrictions is an opportunity to improve patient outcomes. Studies have shown that measuring flow intraoperatively reduces early graft failure following CABG surgery. Benefits of this invaluable quantitative tool are:

  • Verify graft patency
  • Reduce bring-backs
  • Improve patient outcomes