Optima Flow-QC Meters

Optima Meters are the next generation of surgical flow meters. These universal Meters are compatible with all of Transonic’s extensive surgical flow probe and flow sensor lines. Share a single Optima Meter between departments or surgical suites without compatibility concerns. The Optima’s unprecedented resolution accompanies lower offset error, and doubles the accuracy for low flows.

  • Provides unsurpassed accuracy and resolution
  • Ensures vessel patency & flow integrity
  • Immediate, quantitative flow measurements

  • HT353C
    • Single channel
    • CABG Graft Patency Assessment
  • HT354C
    • Single channel, key operated*
    • CABG Graft Patency Assessment
  • HT350

    Single channel; no printer

  • HT353

    Single channel

  • HT354

    Single channel, key operated*

  • HT363

    Dual channel

  • HT364

    Dual channel, key operated*

Product Overview
  • Fully compatible with the AureFlo® System
  • Compatible with ALL Transonic® Surgical Flowprobes
  • Compatible with Tubing Flowsensors for Extracoporeal applications
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Instant mean volume flow display
  • FlowSound® for audible indication of volume flow
  • Invert: corrects for direction of flow
  • Print: built in chart recorder documents flow waveform, minimum, maximum and mean flows, and PI**
  • Gold Standard transit-time ultrasound technology
  • Highest accuracy on the market

* Key operated Flowmeters are placed at the user site but require a purchased key, one per procedure, to operate the Flowmeter. Key operated Flowmeters may require a key purchasing agreement in order to be placed. Non-keyed Flowmeters are purchased and have no restrictions on use. Regardless of the Flowmeter selected, Flowprobes are subject to their own limitations on number of uses, depending on the family of Flowprobes being used.

** HT353C & HT354C Meters provide additional information on the print-out regarding CABG grafts when connected to a pressure input including: D/S, DF%, graft profile and patency assessment.


Specifications are dependent on the model and size of the attached Flowprobe or Flowsensor. Please see the corresponding Flowprobe or Flowsensor product page for more information.