HT110 Bypass Meter

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The HT110 Bypass Meter is now obsolete. Product support will continue until 2025. Please see the new ELSA Monitor for complete ECMO monitoring or the Optima Meter for simple tubing flow measurements.


The Transonic® HT110 Bypass flow meter measures volume flow rates of blood or perfusate in extracorporeal circuits. Gold-standard transit-time ultrasound provides accurate flow measurements even at low flow rates. An external sterile tubing flow sensor clips onto the tubing to continuously monitor actual flow delivery to the patient.

Product Overview
  • Measures blood, water, and other non-aerated aqueous solutions
  • Sensor calibration programmable for different fluids and temperatures
  • Bidirectional flow measurement
  • Instant mean volume flow display
  • Compatible with HXL Sterile Tubing flow sensors