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Transonic FlowEdge Bioprocess Flowmeter

FlowEdge Bioprocess Flowmeter

FlowEdge, a Flowmeter and associated Clamp-on Flowsensors designed for the Bioprocess industry, combines well-established non-contact ultrasound transit-time flow technology with current industrial requirements to optimize dosing control feedback, monitor tubing degradation, and calibrate pump control applications. Two versions are available:


  • FlowEdge Bioprocess Bench Top Flowmeter with Touch Screen Control


  • FlowEdge DIN Rail Mountable Flowmeter without display
Features and output signals:

Both T701 and T702 are designed to accept all, but one at a time, BnXL clamp-on type tubing flowprobes. Up to 6 on-site customizations of factory calibrations (max 4) can be stored and password protected for flexibility and increased accuracy. Alarms can be programmed for high and low flow warnings, as well as total volume passed or air bubbles detected. With MODbus communication available, flow signals can be fed back to the process controller to optimize (production) processes. 4-20 mA output via a terminal block allows for built in reactor set-ups.


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