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Transonic ELSA Monitor

Extracorporeal Life Support Assurance

The ELSA® Monitor provides a trio of measurements for added assurance during extracorporeal life support monitoring.  With ELSA measurements, dual-lumen catheter placement during VV ECMO can be optimized by Recirculation measurements; direct Delivered Blood Flow can be verified; and the presence and amount of oxygenator clotting can be ascertained through oxygenator blood volume measurements. Oxygenator blood volume trending graphs are available directly on the ELSA for easy tracking of volume changes indicative of clot formation..

The ELSA is a stand-alone ECMO monitor with a rechargeable battery for portability. The intuitive touchscreen displays all pertinent patient data, and is easy to clean, preventing cross-contamination.

Product Overview:

  • ELSA® uses existing arterial and venous bloodlines
  • Clamp-on sensors do not interrupt flow
  • Provides continuous delivered blood flow measurement
  • Uses a harmless indicator of room temperature normal saline
  • Monitor is battery-powered and can be pole-mounted for mobility
  • Password-enabled or password-free



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Product Overview

Learn more about ELSA in this product video:

For additional videos on the use and functions of the ELSA monitor click here.