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Transonic HD03 Hemodialysis Monitor

Quantitative Hemodialysis Surveillance

The HD03 Hemodialysis Monitor is a stand-alone device that measures, during hemodialysis, delivered flow, recirculation, and vascular access flow. Results are displayed on the Monitor’s easy-to-read, intuitive touch screen that can be easily disinfected. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the Monitor can be moved from patient to patient on an IV pole. The HD03 comes with a Patient-less Measurement Module (PMM) that does not save any patient information or measurement data, or an onboard, removable Data Transfer Module (DTM) that records measurements and patient information for later analysis on a computer loaded with HD03 Administrative software.

HD03 Administrator software has an integrated scheduler/planner. Patient notes can be inputted into a comprehensive patient record. Measurement trends can be tracked , statistics and reports generated, and high thrombosis risk patients identified with the HD03’s Administrative software.

NOTE: the Cardiac Output functionality of the HD03 (HD03CO, DTM-CO and PMM-CO) are discontinued for future sales, HD03 without cardiac output remains available. Read more here.



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Learn more about the benefits of using the HD03 in this product video:

For a complete suite of instructional videos of the features and functions of the HD03 click here.