COnfidence Flowprobes for Research (PAU-Series)

With the use of these probes we were able to measure cardiac output to evaluate the hemodynamic changes in a novel animal model... - J. van de Wouw, MD, PhD

Transonic’s COnfidence Cardiac Output Flowprobes represent a completely new concept in ultrasonic Flowprobe design. Validated X-pattern full flow illumination is enhanced by a soft Probe liner to cushion the vessel, permitting sustained ultrasonic transmission with little need for acoustic coupling gel during acute intraoperative use. COnfidence Flowprobes® offer unsurpassed beat-to-beat measurement accuracy on vessels with highly dynamic and irregular flow profiles such as the great arteries during adult or pediatric cardiothoracic surgery.  

  • Insensitive to placement: Provides accurate and reproducible measurements on the ascending, arch or descending aorta
  • Designed for placement in tight spaces: Surgical space is not compromised
  • Shaped to fit: The inner surface is designed for round vessels, and the Probe comes with soft liner so that they may be left in place for extended periods of time without risk of damaging the vessel.
Product Overview
  • Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20*, 24*, 28*, 32*, and 36* mm specifically sized for large vessels.
  • Reusable transducer shell with easy-to-use, single-use Ultrafit Liners
  • Incrementally sized liners for optimal vessel fit 
  • Vessel protection and cushioning for the duration of the procedure
  • Gold standard measurement using X-pattern transit-time ultrasound illumination, providing more accurate readings on turbulent flows
  • Immediate, accurate, beat-to-beat flow measurements with a minimum amount of coupling gel 
  • High resolution uninterrupted signal during intraoperative procedures
  • Custom calibration available for synthetic grafts and implanted VADs 

*These Flowprobes come with two Ultrafit Liner sizes for improved fit. Additional Ultrafit Liner sizes are 18, 22, 26, 30, and 34 mm respectively.