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Transonic BLF22 Tissue Perfusion Monitor

Laser Doppler Flowmeters Measure Blood Flow at the Capillary Level

With the BLF22 Tissue Perfusion Monitor, you can continuously measure microcirculatory blood flow, the mass of moving red blood cells, and the velocity of moving red blood cells. This trio of measurement parameters provides a full picture of blood behavior in vessels too small to measure with perivascular flowprobes.

Output Parameters

Available in analog format compatible with your data acquisition preference.

  • Flow: 0-100 tissue perfusion units proportional to mL/min/100g of tissue.
  • Mass: 0-2000 units proportional to the mass of the moving red blood cells, in mg/100g of tissue.
  • Velocity: 0-10 units proportional to the average flow velocity (m/sec) of the moving red blood cells.


Laser Doppler Probes

BLF22 associated probes emit an infrared laser light that illuminates 1mm3 of the study tissue at a depth of 1 mm directly below the probe. A variety of probe styles is available to meet application requirements including surface type probes, and needle probes for deep tissues. Applications include local cerebral blood perfusion, skin and tissue flaps, organ perfusion. Probes can be made MRI compatible.


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