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Successful creation of biological and biopharmaceutical agents requires precise control over the entire bioprocess reactor. Maintaining proper flow of various fluids into and out of the system is important to batch quality. While one might be able to vary the rate at which pumps turn, tubing degrades over the course of a run, often resulting in too little or too much media being fed into the process, sometimes with catastrophic results. Transonic® provides non-invasive volume flow measurements to confirm that the volume of media being pumped is actually what it is believed to be.

Monitor tubing degradation, optimize process performance, improve pump calibration while, simultaneously, standardizing and increasing confidence in your tubing's reliability, with non-invasive flow measurements from Transonic.

The new FlowEdge® puts process flow measurement control at your fingertips. With 14 different Flowsensor sizes, you can easily scale up from lab to pilot, to GMP. Flowsensors can measure volume flow in most non-aerated fluids. The calibration of each Flowsensor can be adjusted for the specific combination of fluid, tubing, and temperature of your process.