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Goal-directed Perfusion with Transonic Tubing Flowsensors

Products to ensure blood flow during cardiopulmonary bypass

Verify pump and cardiopulmonary bypass circuit flows for critical safety and quality assurance

Used throughout the biomedical industry to calibrate and validate pumps, Transonic’s gold-standard technology measures blood, water, and other non-aerated aqueous solutions with unmatched accuracy.

Tubing Flowsensors provide an independent measure of actual delivered blood flow over wide dynamic ranges including very low flows used in extracorporeal circuits. Sterility and integrity are maintained by a noninvasive clamp-on sensor that clips onto the outside of the tubing for no contact with the fluid within the tubing, or interruption of the tubing itself.

Cardiopulmonary Bypass Products

HT350 for Extracorporeal Use
Clinical Tubing Flowsensors
Optima Flowmeters