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Intraoperative blood flow measurements for every OR suite.

Surgeon holding a Transonic flow probe.
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Unprecedented Flow Measurement Accuracy For Every Application.

On-the-spot, intraoperative measurements allows surgeons to confirm their clinical impressions with objective data. Transonic’s volume flow measurements take the guesswork out of knowing flow and provide surgeons with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about the proper course of treatment. Transonic® offers several measurement solutions for the surgical suite including:

  • Intraoperative volume flow through vessels and grafts during a wide range of surgeries including CABG, transplant and EC-IC bypass.
  • Non-invasive volume flow measurements through tubing used for ECMO or Cardio-pulmonary Bypass.
  • Tissue Perfusion for local microcirculation measurements on the surface of skin or other organs.

Each Clinical Meter requires a Probe or Sensor for use. Compatibility information is listed in the Product Overview of each Meter.

Case reports: How the use of intraoperative flow measurement improves patient outcomes.