Rodent PV Catheters

High Frequency Responsiveness for Rodent Heart Rates

Transonic Scisense Rodent Pressure Volume Catheters are specifically designed for use with mice and rat sized ventricles. These minimally invasive Catheters provide cardiac researchers the unique ability to measure almost every imaginable hemodynamic and contractile index of ventricular function with a single instrument. Catheters are available with a range of volume electrode spacings to fit any rodent ventricle size. Variable Segment Length Catheters are also available for even more flexibility in matching ventricle sizes.

Product Overview
  • Sizes: 1.2F and 1.9F
  • Pressure membrane recessed for protection
  • Four or seven platinum ring electrodes for absolute volume measurement
  • Variable segment lengths (VSL) enable the use of a single catheter in multiple-sized hearts
  • High fidelity pressure sensor maintains signal integrity and prevents damping or attenuation
  • Compatible with either Conductance or Admittance Pressure Volume measurements
  • Compatible with ADVantage Pressure Volume System
  • Not for use in humans