ADV500 PV System

Measure True Volume in Real-Time with the ADVantage Pressure-Volume System 

The ADVantage Pressure-Volume System represents a significant technical advancement in the field of animal cardiac function research. 

It is the only catheter-based, pressure-volume system to accurately quantify true ventricular volume in real-time using Admittance technology. Automatic calibration of the volume signal eliminates hypertonic saline injection and cuvette calibrations for a tighter data confidence interval. 

The ADVantage Pressure-Volume system phase signal provides real-time feedback about the catheter position to ensure quality measurements from every procedure.


Why Use a Pressure-Volume System to Measure Pressure-Volume Loops

To report and monitor changes in heart performance, scientists have historically relied on systemic blood pressure, ventricular pressure and blood flow. While these are important parameters, they only form part of the picture of heart performance. 

Pressure-Volume (PV) loops provide a range of hemodynamic parameters that are not readily measurable by other methods; including changes in contractility, elastance, power, energetics and efficiency. PV loops also provide quantitative measurements of parameters, not just qualitative results. This makes PV loops the single most comprehensive measurement of hemodynamics and cardiac function available. 

There are three main areas of cardiovascular assessment where PV loops provide the ideal measurement approach: 

1. When it is the best method to measure the contractile parameter of interest including ESPVR and EDPVR. 

2. When a comprehensive analysis of cardiac function is needed, such as for phenotyping. 

3. When the parameter of greatest interest is unknown during drug or genetic studies.


Get Tools & Techniques for Pressure-Volume Hemodynamic Studies

Our PV workbook provides a comprehensive look at pressure-volume technology. Learn more about the basics of PV, the parameters it can measure and get surgical protocols and best practices for its use.

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Product Overview

Transonic’s ADVantage Pressure-Volume System

The ADVantage Pressure-Volume system allows you to study subtle changes in heart function as well as: 

  • Inter-animal comparisons
  • Drug therapy evaluation
  • Degrees of heart failure
  • Valve disease

The ADVantage Pressure-Volume system features: 

  • One pressure volume input and one additional pressure input
  • Tactile-button operation and system menus increase ease of use
  • Analog outputs compatible with most data acquisition systems
  1. Pressure
  2. Volume
  3. Phase
  4. Magnitude
  5. Pressure 2
  • Excellent measurement accuracy
  • Absolute volume in real-time with admittance technology
  • Compatible with all Transonic Scisense Pressure Volume & Pressure Catheters
  • Not for use in humans