Pediatric ICU Patient's cardiac function & output monitored by COstatus@ with transit time flow measurement.Advanced hemodynamic monitoring is a critical need in the critical care (ICU) setting where fragile patients can quickly succumb to adverse hemodynamic events. Transonic® offers the intensivist sophisticated monitoring tools to address this need.

For patients undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) the time tested HT110 Flow Meter measures delivered pump flow for verification that the patient is receiving the prescribed flow. Now the new ELSA® (Extracorporeal Life Support Assurance) Monitor adds recirculation and blood clotting monitoring to the monitoring mix.

Pediatric ICU patients can be monitored with the COstatus® minimally invasive system that provides a portfolio of measurements that include: cardiac function (CO, CI, SVI, TEF, SVRI), blood volume indices and verification and direction of shunts in the newborn.

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