FlowMatters Newsletters

Spring 2018

  • Large Multi-Center Study Underscores Importance of Cardiac Monitoring during Hemodialysis
  • Multimodal Strategy for Successful Aneurysm Clipping Reported by Italian Neurosurgeons
  • Open Access Publication Describes Implantation of Wireless Telemetry Device (EndoGear) in Large Animal Model
  • KDOQI 20th Anniversary Video Celebrates Milestone
  • Transonic HD Measurements Included in Sixth Edition of the Core Curriculum for the Dialysis Technician
  • Transonic ICARE Values Are Cornerstone of Quality Initiative

Fall 2017

  • What's New At Transonic
  • Study Using Microvascular Flowprobe Reports Prediction of Thrombosis Formation in 1 mm Diameter Anastomoses
  • Transonic Tubing Flowsensors Used to Test 3-D Printed Mock Pulmonary Circulation Model
  • Transonic Flowmeters Used in Development of Extra-Uterine Womb
  • EG4 Brings Volume Blood Flow Measurements to Telemetry
  • When to Use Pen-tip Doppler and Transit-Time Ultrasound during Cerebrovascular Surgery
  • Transonic Flow Capability Integral in Development of Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices
  • Three-Year RCT Finds that Surveillance Reduces Rate of Thromboses and Costs

Spring 2017

Nipro – Transonic Joint Venture; Smolich Fetal Studies; Dr. Charbel Recognized; Researcher Maarten Koeners Tackles Kidney Disease; Detecting Dysfunctional Dialysis Catheters

Fall 2016

4 & 6 mm COnfidence Flowprobes for Pediatric Heart Surgery; Does Measuring Cardiac Parameters in Hemodialysis Patients Have Prognostic Value?; How Arteriovenous Fistulas Impact Cardiovascular Hemodynamics; EuroSCORE II; MRI-Safe Flowprobe Used in Pig Hyperoxia Study; Transonic True Flow is Distinguishing Feature of aVAD™

Spring 2016

Harlem Hospital Delivers Exceptional Hemodialysis Care; Reversed Bypass Flow Linked to  Artery Stenosis; TTF Guides AVM Resection Surgery; The Role of Intraoperative Perfusion Assessment; TTU Volume Flow vs Doppler Velocity; CI in Hemodialysis Patients

Fall 2015

Longtime Transonic Collaborator George Pantalos Flies Again with Team Performing Doing Space-Age Research; Human Supermicrosurgery: First Report of Measuring Lymph Flow in Humans with Transit-time Ultrasound; Release of Updated Hemodialysis Handbook Celebrates 20 Years of Access Flow Measurement with the Krivitski's Method; Cardiac Health, the Next Challenge in Hemodialysis Care; Venous Pressure is Not a Surrogate for Flow; Two YouTube Videos Showcase Intraoperative Cerebrovascular Flow Measurement during Aneurysm Clipping Surgery; Surgical Training Workshops Uses Transonic As Flow Assessment Tool; Check Out "Sensing Savvy" -- Our New Transonic Blog Site

Spring 2015

HD Surveillance Prevents Thrombosis and Increases Patency Rate in AVFs; Clot Prediction Capability during ELS Needed; Aortic Blood Flow Measurements Predict PAB Outcomes; Forbes LVAD Article Highlights Transonic True Flow; Rat Study Sheds Light on the Effect of Exercise during Pregnancy

Fall 2014

Isopropyl Alcohol Lubricant for HD Sensors, HD Surveillance Results in Reduced Thrombosis Rate, Validation of EndoGear I in Swine, Revised CABG Handbook Release, Microvascular Flow Measurements, 0% Recirculation in HD Monitoring

Winter 2014

Why Measure Flow, Case Report: CABG Patency Assurance, High AV Access Flow & Cardiac Complications, SVA Flow Measured in Infants, AureFlo's Quality Assurance Indicators, PV Loop Webinar Series

Fall 2013

Rat PKPD Model, Key Admittance Technology Publication, Optima Flowmeter Launch, CiDA Procedures, MILLER Banding Procedure, and A2ALL Video