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Our Core Values

Mission, Promise, Passion, Commitment, Reward

Our mission is “to advance meaningful measurements.” Our promise is precision and accuracy. Our passion is innovation and collaboration. Our commitment is to help our customers meet their measurement challenges with application-specific solutions. Our reward is the knowledge that our products have improved the quality of life for many, have helped save or extend lives and have fostered key scientific discoveries.


From pioneering transit-time technology to developing Flowprobes and Pressure-Volume Catheters small enough to make measurements in mice, we have never ceased the pursuit of innovation in the life science research arena.


Transonic® technology is found in many heart-lung and other circulatory assist devices as the result of an OEM collaboration. Helping customers approach evolving challenges with effective customized solutions is central to our success. By placing state-of-the art technology in our customers’ hands and providing prompt person-to-person technical advice, Transonic is recognized as the world leader in biomedical flow measurement technology and its applications.


At Transonic our name is our reputation. From initial design, to production, to aftermarket support, we stand by our products knowing that we never settle for good enough when we can strive for the best.


In this global economy it is vital to develop a global perspective. This is why we continue to strengthen and expand our international customer service, repair and maintenance teams.


In the surgical arena, measurements need to be simple and quick to perform in addition to accurate and precise. Our elegant Flowprobe design and sophisticated meters provide real-time flow measurements in the operating room.