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Life Science Research Products

Pressure volume, flow measurement and more solutions for every cardiovascular application

Whether you are performing basic research, translational studies, or pre-clinical trials there is a solution for you. We offer pressure-volume, flow measurement, and a wide range of innovative products and measurements for life science research applications for:

  • Acute and chronic studies
  • Large and small animals
  • In vivo, in vitro and ex vivo studies

Pressure-Volume Loops

Use pressure and transit-time volume flow measurement systems in small animal studies.

Blood Flow Measurement

Take flow measurements acutely or implant flow probes for chronic studies.

Pressure Measurement

Get precision blood pressure measurements for in vivo animal studies. Measure blood flow and pressure simultaneously.


Measure blood flow and arterial pressure in freely moving subjects without the complication and restriction of swivel tethers or commutators.


Get a minimally invasive and more in-depth analysis of biopotential propagation through the heart.

Data Acquisition

Transonic analog flow, pressure, pressure-volume, ECG & temperature signals are easily converted to digital data format in the PowerLab hardware.

Life Science Research Insights and News

Insights and resources on an array of life science research applications and technologies.