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Untether Your Data with EndoGear:
Wireless Volumetric Blood Flow and Pressure Measurement

In this webinar, Cole & Danielle will introduce the newest biotelemetry system in the life science field, EndoGear.

Tethered Transonic flow probes have been instrumental in life science protocols for the past 40 years. They have delivered absolute blood volume with a high level of accuracy, durability, and biocompatibility. However, tethered monitoring is complex and does not allow for the synchronized assessment of blood pressure. EndoGear allows for continuous assessment of high-fidelity, solid-state pressure, and volumetric blood flow. Using EndoGear to collect cardiac output and systemic pressure recordings, our team will review the new platform and the research opportunities that it brings. 

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Key learning objectives:
  • What sets this equipment apart from other telemetry systems on the market
  • How EndoGear fits into various fields of study including physiology, safety pharmacology, and behavioral science
  • How EndoGear can fit into your protocols today, including data acquisition, flow probe customization, and power supply options
  • What strategies can be employed for analyzing months’ worth of continuous blood flow, pressure, temperature, and activity