Going With the Flow – With and Without Gravity

On-Demand Webinar

Going With the Flow – With and Without Gravity


Presented by Dr. George Pantalos

George Pantalos

In this webinar, Dr. George Pantalos, a Professor of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery and Professor of Bioengineering at Louisville University, discusses his cardiovascular research.  Dr. Pantalos’s research on cardiovascular function, including heart failure treatments with mechanical devices and cardiopulmonary support systems, is not exclusively conducted on terra firma.  In fact, George has been a collaborator with NASA for many years helping to understand cardiovascular adaptations to weightlessness in space flight.  In pursuit of his research goals, George has flown dozens missions on the NASA parabolic flight aircraft and led the development of a cardiovascular diastolic function experiment that flew twice on the Space Shuttle Discovery.

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