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Advances in Pressure-Volume Loop Data Collection: Tools, Training and Support

In this webinar, Cole and Nick will introduce the next generation of PV loop technology with the ADV550, a system designed to innovate workflow and finally allow users to position their catheter with immediate blood volume feedback. They will be joined by Dr. Tim Hacker (University of Wisconsin-Madison) to review his PV loop surgical workshop; an immersive, hands-on experience that covers all aspects of data collection – from catheterization techniques through to data review. Together they will also announce a scholarship opportunity aimed at improving training opportunities in the PV loop space and growing the community further.

Key topics:
  • The value of PV loop data for assessing contractility and ventricular remodeling in research
  • Recent advances in PV loop technology
  • The importance of proper surgical and technical training when performing PV loop data collection
  • Opportunities for professional development in the PV loop field
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