T402/T403 Multi-Channel Research Consoles

Modular Research Consoles for Ultimate Flexibility

Mix and match measurement capabilities in a single instrumentation console. T402 and T403 Consoles are multi-channel capacity cases with a shared universal power supply and back-panel analog outputs compatible with most data acquisition systems. The Consoles accept any 400-Series Module:

  • TS410 Tubing Flow Module
  • TS420 Perivascular Flow Module

  • T402
    T402 Console holds up to 2 double-bay flow modules, 4 single-bay pressure modules or a combination of both.
  • T403
    T403 Console holds up to 3 double-bay flow modules, 6 single-bay pressure modules or a combination of both.
Product Overview

Each Console may be ordered individually or with any number & combination of Modules. T400-Series Consoles are not standalone units; at least one Module is required to take measurements.

Not for use in humans.


T402/T403 Consoles are not standalone units and must be used with a 400-Series Module. Accuracy specifications are linked to the specific Flowprobe or Flowsensor, and represent entire system specifications.