Vascular Access
Monitoring for Hemodialysis

Patient receiving dialysis treatment monitored by the Transonic's' HDO3 hemodialysis blood flow monitor“Circle of Care®” Complete Vascular Access Profile

A hemodialysis patient’s well-being depends on a healthy vascular access. A good access averts access complications that cause discomfort, incur expense and can even result in death. Key to successful vascular access management are Transonic® flow measurements that inform the surgeon, the nephrologist and the interventional radiologist and create a “Circle of Care®” for the patient and their vascular access. Request the Circle of Care Handbook.

  • Intraoperative flow measurements provide on-the-spot or continuous measurements of volume flow for a functional assessment of an AV access during surgical creation or revision.
  • Flow-based vascular access surveillance alerts a patient care team to patients at risk for underdialysis, thrombotic events and cardiac failure.
  • Real-time quantitative intra-access flow measurements offers feedback about the functionality of arteriovenous fistulas and grafts.