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COstatus® is a minimally invasive advanced hemodynamic measurement system. It can be used for cardiac function, blood volumes and shunt detection. The COstatus® System consists of a touch-screen Monitor mounted on a standard IV pole to move from bedside to bedside within an ICU. The system also includes a Data Transfer Module (DTM) and ultrasound Flow/dilution Sensors for extracorporeal use on the AV Loop Set connected between pre-existing arterial and central venous catheters. Results are displayed on the Monitor screen and may be printed out on the thermal printer.

The COstatus® System can measure or identify the following parameters:

  • Cardiac Output (CO)
  • Cardiac Index (CI)
  • Stroke Volume Index (SVI)
  • Total Ejection Fraction (TEF)
  • Systemic Vascular Resistance Index (SVRI)
  • Total End Diastolic Volume Index (TEDVI)
  • Central Blood Volume Index (CBVI)
  • Active Circulation Volume Index (ACVI)
  • Possible Left-to-Right shunt with Qp/Qs value
  • Possible Bidirectional shunt with or without Qp/Qs value
  • Possible Right-to-Left shunt with or without Qp/Qs value 

  • HCM101monitor

    Detects ultrasound signals using arterial and venous Flow/dilution Sensors clipped onto designated segments of the AV Loop Set. The Monitor's software calculates cardiovascular parameters from these signals. Patient data is stored on the DTM inserted in the USB port on the top rear of the monitor. 

  • HC2T Flow/Dilution Sensors
    Paired HC2T Flow/Dilution Sensors clip onto designated segments of the AV Loop Set to measure blood flow and saline concentration with ultrasound dilution technology. 
  • HCS3011 AV Loop Kit
    HCS3011 AV Loop Kit includes the AV Loop Set, a customized tubing set, that connects to the patient's pre-existing arterial and central venous catheters as well as other items used for COstatus measurements. 
  • HCS3002 Extension Set
    HCS3002 Extension Set (optional) is used to replace an existing arterial line extension with a priming volume greater than 0.5 mL. 
  • HCP01 Pump
    HCP01 Pump is a customized pump that circulates blood through the extracorporeal AV tubing loop at 8-12 mL/min. 
  • HCR01 Printer
    HCR01 Printer records patient measurement results in a hard copy format for your patient's medical record. 
  • HFW1000 Fluid Bag WArmer
    HFW1000 Fluid Bag Warmer warms the normal saline indicator to body temperature. 
  • IV Pole
    The IV Pole is used to attach the COstatus® System for moving the system from bedside to bedside.