Mechanical Circulatory Support Products

Gold Standard Flow Measurement

Transonic’s Transit-Time Ultrasound Technology has been a standard of care in operating rooms and intensive care units for decades. Whether you need non-invasive flow measurement during cardio-pulmonary bypass, or whether you are supporting a patient with ECMO and need quantitative flow and recirculation metrics, Transonic’s products can help you deliver the best care to you patients.

  • The HT350 Optima Flowmeter provides non-invasive volume flow measurements with Clamp-on Tubing Flowsensors to confirm any pump’s set flow.
  • The ELSA® Monitor with its dual Flowsensors provides highly accurate, continuous flow measurements through an extracorporeal circuit. The ELSA Monitor also provides quantitative feedback about clotting within the oxygenator, and for VV ECMO cases, percentage of recirculation.

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