PXN Inline Flow Sensors

Highest Sensitivity Tubing Flowsensors

PXN Inline Flowsensors splice into laboratory tubing and measure absolute volume flow of blood and other fluids. They offer the most flexibility for flow measurement in circuits where tubing requirements have not been formalized. PXN Inline Flowsensors utilize a scheme of ultrasonic illumination that makes it possible to manufacture a flow-through Sensor with a smooth, cylindrical interior without compromising measurement accuracy. These Flowsensors offer more flexibility over PXL Clamp-on Sensors as measurement calibration doesn’t depend on the type and exact size of tubing on which they are used. PXN Inline Flowsensors can be calibrated for up to four fluid/temperature combinations for highest accuracy performance in:

  • Isolated Organ Studies
  • Flow Phantoms & Circulatory Models
  • Volume Flow Sensitive Applications
Product Overview
  • Sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 13, 16, 19 and 25
  • Miniature size 1PXN - 3PXN Sensors are fabricated around flexible tubing which may be cut to length for insertion into small tubing circuits
  • Sizes 4PXN - 25PXN have barbed, rigid tubing ends which mate easily with flexible laboratory tubing  (25PXNB - without barbs version also available)
  • Flow resolution is scaled to Sensor size
  • The Sensor’s smooth round flow channel is easy to clean
  • Four-transducer design offers precise and accurate flow
  • Compatible with T410 Tubing Flow Module (with T402 or T403 Console)
  • Not for use in Humans.