PhysioGear 1 Pocket Telemetry System

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Discontinued Product - See EndoGear2 for telemetry needs.

Pocket Telemetry Volume Flow Meter for Large Animals

PhysioGear® I is a complete Transonic® Flowmeter and rechargeable battery pack that fits in two animal jacket pockets.Volume flow and temperature signals are telemetered from the pocket-size PhysioMeter, to a remote computer for data collection while animals are free to move about without traditional wire signal transmission tethers. PhysioGear® is suitable for dogs and larger animal models.

PhysioMeters work with standard Transonic Perivascular Flowprobes to measure direct volume flow from any vessel. Titanium Skin Buttons (CB12) provide convenient connection to the PhysioMeter cable for optimal exit wound healing.

Product Overview
  • Measures volume flow in 1 or 2 channels
  • Embeded temperature sensor
  • Wireless signal transmission using Bluetooth® technology
  • Signal transmission and data integrity are monitored continuously
  • Four subjects can be monitored on one USB dongle
  • Subjects can be up to 15-meters away in challenging conditions; or as much as 100 meters in free line of sight.
  • Up to nine hours of continuous measurement
  • Uses Transonic’s validated ultrasonic transit-time technology
  • Compatible with PR-Series, PS-Series (excluding Nanoprobes) and PAU-Series Flowprobes