Optimax Flowprobes (FTE-Series & FTV-Series)

Discontinued Product - See Vascular Probes for application needs.

With tape-on butterfly wings and a flexible neck, the Optimax® Flowprobes enable extended flow measurements during minimally-invasive AV access banding or carotid endarterectomy procedures. The flexible, elongated neck allows easy positioning of the Flowprobe head to conform to vessel orientation.

  • FTV

    FTV-Series have a J-style reflector so that the Probe can be slipped around a vessel and remain in place.

  • FTE
    FTE-Series have an L-style reflector so that the Probe can be slipped on and off without compressing the vessel.
Product Overview
  • Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm
  • Butterfly wings for taping in place during long procedures
  • Extra-long, extremely flexible neck for ideal positioning
  • Gold standard transit-time ultrasound illumination
  • Excellent measurement resolution and accuracy