Large Animal Pressure Catheters

High Fidelity Solid-State Pressure Sensors

Transonic Scisense high fidelity large animal Pressure Catheters are available in 3.5F to 7.0F to span a range of animal sizes from rabbits to cows. These Catheters have solid state sensors mounted at the tip that measure pressures with a high degree of precision. All 7.0F Catheters are available with an optional lumen to allow drug administration, blood sampling or guide wire insertion. Ideal for arterial, venous or cardiac pressures due to the solid state sensor’s ability to accurately respond to minute and rapid changes in pressure.

Product Overview
  • Sizes: 3.5 F, 5.0F and 7.0F
  • Single or dual pressure sensors
  • Customizable tip options
  • Polyimide tubing provides ideal balance of flexibility and rigidity
  • Pressure membrane recessed for protection
  • High frequency response maintains signal integrity and prevents damping or attenuation
  • No motion artifact or overshoot as with conventional fluid-filled catheters
  • Pressure resolution of 10uV/mmHg which is higher than the industry standard
  • Compatible with SP200 Pressure Control Unit
  • Not for use in humans