HVT100 Endovascular Flowmeter

Designed specifically for the interventional radiology suite, the HVT100 Endovascular Flowmeter measures access flow (mL/min) in AV fistulas and grafts. The innovative HVT100 Endovascular Flowmeter and ReoCath® Flow Catheter provides objective, quantitative and convenient flow measurements that help assess the functionality of the access and confirm the success of the angioplasty or banding procedure. The Catheter is inserted through a 6F introducer and a 10 cc injection of sterile saline produces a direct reading of access flow.

Product Overview
  • Single channel volume flow
  • Simple, single button function with on display instructions
  • Thermal dilution technology with saline indicator
  • Compatible with ADT1001 Antegrade ReoCath® Flow Catheter and ADT1002 Retrograde ReoCath® Flow Catheter