HD02 Hemodialysis Monitor

Discontinued Product. Please see the HD03 Hemodialysis Monitor .

The HD02 Hemodialysis Monitor connects to a laptop loaded with HD02 Software which controls the Monitor, stores patient data and trends measurements.

The HD02 can be used with any access type including fistulas, grafts and catheters. Measure access flow, delivered blood flow, recirculation and cardiac function (optional -CO models only) for a comprehensive view of access health.

Product Overview
  • Quick patient measurements
  • On-screen patient history provides information to the dialysis staff to assist in treatment recommendations
  • Extensive internal tubing list allows equipment to be used on a range of tubing types
  • Comes with paired arterial and venous H4E Flow/dilution Sensors
  • Compatible with ADT1010 Flow-QC® tubing sets
  • Optional rolling stand for added mobility