Extracranial Charbel Micro-Flowprobes (MR-S-Series)

The short bayonet handled Extracranial Flowprobes are designed to be used under the microscope during EC-IC bypass surgery. Flow measurement can be used to quantify an increase in flow after a revascularization surgery for occlusive disease or to ensure the patency of a STA-MCA bypass.

The Extracranial Charbel Micro-Flowprobe® is complemented by the Intracrainal version which features a longer bayonet handle and smaller sizes for deep cerebrovascular procedures.

  • MB-S

    MB-S-Series are single-use pre-sterilized Flowprobes for use when transmission of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease is a concern.

  • MR-S
    MR-S-Series are multi-use, sterilizable Flowprobes.
Product Overview
  • Sizes 3, 4, and 6 mm
  • L-style reflector for easy, non-constrictive application
  • Short bayonet handle and flexible neck
  • Gold standard transit-time ultrasound illumination
  • Excellent measurement resolution and accuracy