EndoGear3 Small Animal Telemetry System

Currently available in the US and select EU regions only pending application protocol development.

Biotelemetry System for Small Animals

EndoGear3 is a totally implantable biotelemetry system that allows the study of physiological parameters in small animals, 200 g and larger, as they move freely about their environment. EndoGear3 was designed to address the unique challenges of physiological measurement in animal species in their own environments with minimal experimenter intervention after implant.

Compact size, flexible configuration for multiple probes and low battery powered operation make this fully implantable device compelling for long term measurements. Two way RF signal remote implant control not only allows for data collection but can switch the Implant on and off to conserve battery life. For group studies, up to 16 Implants can be controlled from a single system.

  • EG108 Base Station

    Interfaces between the Implant via the RF Transceivers, the E-GUI control software and the user chosen data acquisition system.

  • RF Transceivers
    • Monopole (EG-RM-M2x) extended range
    • Planar (EG-RP-M2x) short range
    • Each Transceiver can control up to 16 Implants
    • Bi-direction communication with the Implant
  • Customizable Implant (EG3-VnSnT-M2x)
    • Doppler Flow Velocity (up to 2 channels)
    • Blood Pressure (up to 2 channels including ECG channels)
    • ECG (up to 2 channels including pressure channels)
    • Temperature (one built in channel)
  • Power Options
    • Choose battery size and cable length
    • Choose through-skin wireless power receiver with wireless power supply for a rodent cage
  • Doppler Flow Velocity Probes
    • Perivascular, Epivascular, Endovascular, or combined Endovascular and Pressure styles
    • Perivascular Probes come 0.7 to 8 mm
    • Ultrasound Doppler technology
  • Blood Pressure Sensors
    • Different sizes and lengths
    • Solid-state pressure sensor technology
  • ECG Sensors
    • Different lengths for animal size