Electrophysiology Control Unit

Flexible Electrophysiology Interfacing Control

Connect any Transonic Scisense Electrophysiology Catheter to any bioamplifier and/or stimulator with the FI893B Electrophysiology Control Box. The EP Control Box allows each electrode to be controlled independently. A range of interface cables allows for easy connection between the EP Control Box and bioamplifier and/or stimulator.

Transonic® carries a selection of third party stimulators and amplifiers along with acquisition hardware/software solutions to create a fully functional cardiac biopotential setup for your research lab. Contact your Transonic Representative for more information.

Product Overview

FI893B EP Control Box

  • Connect to any bioamplifier and/or stimulator
  • Eight-pin receptacles correspond to the eight electrodes positioned on the catheter
  • Reference pins provide appropriate ground


Interface Cable

  • FC-EPEC-4 - Scisense Extension Cable for Octapolar EP Catheter (Redel-Redel)