Custom Flowsensors

Customized Transonic® Flowsensors typically derive from a standard Transonic Flowsensor or Flowprobes (sterile tubing clamp-on, inline, or perivascular) to minimize re-engineering costs. They are:

  • Labeled and numbered as products of the customer (to assure that service and re-ordering proceeds via the customer).
  • Customized with connector and cable for the customer.
  • Calibrated for customer use conditions.
  • Programmed to be compatible only with the customer’s Flowboard or a standard Transonic Flowmeter for test and quality control purposes.
    • This prevents cross connection and use with any other Transonic customer’s OEM Flowsensor which might be physically compatible, but may be calibrated for different tubing-fluid-temperature situations.
    • Keyed, custom connectors can also be specified which would further assure no other Flowsensors could connect in place of the desired Flowsensors.
Product Overview

XL Style Flowsensors

  • Reusable clamp-on sensor with no fluid contact
  • Calibrated for specific tubing size, material, fluid and temperature
  • Available for flexible plastic tubing from 1/8” to 11/4” OD (inch or metric sizes)

XN Style Flowsensors

  • Non-sterile in-line sensors offer excellent low flow capability
  • Calibrated for specific fluid and temperature
  • Available in 1mm to 25 mm ID

Transonic Perivascular Flowprobes

  • Customized versions of 2- or 4-crystal probes
  • Materials and methods to meet customer needs
  • Only available as part of the customer apparatus


User determined within limits