Custom Flowboards

Customized Transonic® Flowboards mount inside an OEM's device, drawing power from the device's power supply and connecting to standard or customized Transonic Flowsensors.

Transonic offers several choices for baseline boards which can be further customized. Transonic also designes completely custom boards may be designed to meet specific form or function requirements.

Product Overview

OEM Flowmeter boards are usually derivatives of standard Transonic Flowmeters which can provide the following:

  • Any standard Transonic Flowmeter feature, including volume flow sensing, bubble detection, liquid properties measurement, sensor diagnostics, etc.
  • Customer specified "CHECKSUM" assignment to accept only the customized Flowsensor selected by the OEM.
  • Analog or digital functionality and data output.
  • Communication protocols to fit the OEM's needs.
  • Board-to-board interconnects which can be modified to meet the OEM's needs.

All Transonic OEM Flowmetering modules and Flowsensors are manufactured under FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO13485:2003 guidelines.