Connectors & Accessories for Perivascular Flowprobes

Transonic® offers a wide variety of accessories for use with Perivascular Research Flowprobes.

  • Acoustic couplants to provide excellent signal quality
  • Silicon shields, flanges and wrap for easy anchoring of probes to tissue (PS- & PR-Series only)
  • Special connectors for chronic applications (PS- PR- & PAU-Series Only)
  • Extension cables for easy lab set-up
  • Cuffs and skin buttons for chronic implants (PS- PR- & PAU-Series only)

  • Acoustic Couplants
    • Surgilube: (# ZC510 4.25 oz. tube) Bacteriostatic Surgical Lubricant from E. Fougera & Co.
    • NALCO 1181 (# APNALCO 6 oz.) Superabsorbent powder to thicken Surgilube gel for long experiments; For terminal use only.
  • Stabilization Products
    • Mersilene Mesh (APMERSILENE)
    • Silicone Wrapping Strip (APWRAP)
    • Prolene Mesh (APPROLENE)
    • Ultrascell Sponge (ASPONGE)

    Silicon shields and flanges are ordered as part of a custom Flowprobe reflector.

  • Connectors
    CRA10 10-pin Redel acute connector Acute All
    CRS10 10-pin Redel sealed connector w/cap Chronic Dog & larger
    CS12 12-pin titanium connector w/cap Chronic Dog & larger
    CB12 12-pin titanium skin button w/cap Chronic Dog & larger
    CM4B 4-pin mini connector w/cap & right angle cable Chronic Rat, Rabbit & larger
    CM4S 4-pin mini connector w/cap & right angle cable Chronic Rat & Rabbit
    CA4B 4-pin micro connector w/straight cable Chronic Rat & Mouse
    CA4S 4-pin micro connector w/right angle cable Chronic Rat & Mouse


  • Extension Cables
    CRA10-S-CRA10 10-pin 1.25 meter
    CRA10-M2-CRA10 10-pin 2 meter (not for use with nanoprobes)
    CRA10-M3-CRA10 10-pin 3 meter (not for use with nanoprobes)
    CRA10-X-CRA10 10-pin Custom length for MRI
    CM12-S-CRA10 12-pin 1.8 meter
    CM12-X-CRA10 12-pin Custom length
    CM4-S-CRA10 4-pin 1.8 meter with string
    CM4-M3-CRA10 4-pin 3 meter (not for use with nanoprobes)
    CM3-X-CRA10 4-pin Custom length; no spring
    CA4-S-CRA10 4-pin 1.8 meter; mouse cable; no spring


  • Chronic Connector Cuffs
    AAPC102 Silicone cuff CM4S
    AAPC103 Silicone cuff CA4S
    AAPC104 Rigid cuff CM4S
    AAPC105 Rigid cuff CA4S