BLF22 Laser Doppler Probes

Perform continuous microvascular perfusion measurements with a range Laser Doppler Probes. Find a Probe which meets your needs; whether acute duration or extended measurements, skin surface or mucous membrane, Transonic® has a Laser Doppler Probe to match.

  • Real-time blood perfusion measurements in approximately 1 mm³ of tissue
  • Uses Doppler light shift from moving RBCs to analyze flow by the Bonner algorithm
  • Sensitive to monitoring small tissue perfusion changes over time


    Right angle epoxy head with suture holes


    Disk shaped epoxy head with suture holes


    Implantable epoxy head with glass window


    Straight titanium tip


    Teflon coated cable with 1mm titanium disk at tip of endoscopy segment.

Product Overview

Each Laser Doppler Probe uses two optical fibers to transmit and receive the low power laser light.

Every Laser Doppler Probe style is compatible with every BLF22-Series Tissue Perfusion Monitor.

Surface Probes

  • Type R (ABLPHR): Right angle epoxy head, diameter: 15 mm, height: 7 mm, comes with suture holes
  • Type DI (ABLPHDI): Disk shaped epoxy head, diameter: 12 mm, height: 3 mm, comes with suture holes
  • Type I (ABLPHI): Elongated epoxy head with glass window, length: 14 mm, width: 6 mm, height: 3 mm
  • Type S (ABLPHS): Straight titanium tip, diameter: 6 mm, length: 6 mm

Endoscopic Probe

  • Type E (ABLPHE): Teflon coated cable with 1 mm titanium disc at tip of endoscopy segment: length: 2 m, diameter: 1.8 mm; flexible cable length: 2 m; total length: 4 m