BLF22 Laser Doppler Probes

A Wide Selection of Probe Styles to Meet Applications

Needs Perform continuous microvascular perfusion measurements with a range of Laser Doppler Probes. Find a Probe which meets your needs; whether acute duration or chronic measurements, skin surface or mucous membrane, Transonic® has a Laser Doppler Probe to match.

  • Real-time blood perfusion measurements in approximately 1 mm3 of tissue
  • Uses Doppler light shift from moving RBC to analyze flow by the Bonner algorithm
  • Sensitive to monitoring small tissue perfusion changes during an experimental course; the recorded waveform shows heart beat synchronous microperfusion pulsatility
  • Monitors effects of exercise, drug treatments, ischemia/reperfusion, manipulations on target microvascular beds
Product Overview

Surface Probes

  • Type R (ABLPHR): Right angle epoxy head, with suture holes
  • Type DI (ABLPHDI): Disk shaped epoxy head, with suture holes
  • Type I (ABLPHI): Implantable epoxy head with glass window
  • Type S (ABLPHS): Straight titanium tip

Needle Probes

  • Type N: Stainless steel shaft
    • 11 gauge needle(ABLPHN11)
    • 18 gauge needle(ABLPHN18)
    • 20 gauge needle(ABLPHN20)

Endoscopic Probe

  • Type E (ABLPHE): Teflon coated cable with 1 mm titanium disc at tip of endoscopy segment

Custom Probes

  • MRI/NMR: Type I, R and S probes are non-magnetic. Type N can be made of brass with a 1 mm diameter. Probes can be as long as needed to isolate the instrument from the magnet. 
  • Curved Needles: A variety of shapes and lengths can be fabricated. Limited to 18 gauge Needle Probe (ABLPHN18).

Every Laser Doppler Probe style is compatible with every BLF22 Tissue Perfusion Monitor.