Download the Vascular Surgery Literature Pack: Intraoperative Flow Measurements AV Access Function

“Accurate flow measurements can be of great assistance during vascular reconstructive surgery. The primary aim with these intraoperative measurements is to obtain information on the immediate result of the reconstruction, where a technical failure may jeopardize an otherwise successful operation.” A Lundell, MD, FACS

Vascular surgeons tailor their procedures to the specific needs of each patient. To this end, intraoperative blood flow measurements provide a quick assessment that may confirm what appears to be an acceptable surgical result, or alert the surgeon to potential problems at a time when they can be addressed before closing the patient. Volume flow measurements provide on-the-spot, quantitative feedback about:

  • Inflow: checks the quality of flow at the onset of a bypass.
  • Flow Conduit: quantifies the carrying capacity of the bypass; checks for kinks or twists in a graft.
  • Outflow: quantifies flow augmentation and confirms the patency of the operative repair.

No other flow technology produces flow information so quickly, accurately, and non-intrusively during vascular surgeries as do Transonic® intraoperative measurements.