Port-Access Flowprobes (FD-Series)

Transonic’s Port Access Flowprobes enable volume flow measurements during minimally invasive robotic surgeries to allow surgeons to confirm adequate flow, especially critical in procedures where there is no other method to accurately assess flow.

The Flowprobes feature a long endoscopic handle that can be inserted through ports for access to the measurement site. The Probe handle is grooved to hold a disposable, sterile, gel-filled tube attached to a syringe in order to simplify the application of couplant to ensure the best possible measurement. During use, the probe handle and couplant tubing combine to form a circular cross-section, minimizing gas leakage through the trocar. The rigid handle and extended flex-neck make positioning and re-positioning of the probe quick and precise.

CE-approved and available in the EU; FDA-Clearance pending.

Product Overview
  • Sizes 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 mm for cardiac vessels
  • J-style reflector for secure fit
  • 2" (50mm) Malleable neck to conform to any vessel angle
  • Extra-long endoscopic handle
  • Grooved handle for couplant gel delivery tube
  • Gold standard transit-time ultrasound flow measurement
  • Excellent measurement resolution and accuracy