TS410 Tubing Module

Precision Volume Flow Measurements for In Vitro and Extracorporeal Tubing

Whether in the animal lab or in the R & D engineering suite, Transonic’s TS410 Tubing Flow Module gives precision volume flow measurements in tubing with user friendly features applicable to laboratory bench settings, in vitro and extracorporeal use. Two Tubing Flowsensor styles in multiple sizes from 1.2 mm ID to 25.4 mm ID offer versatile functionality to fit every flow circuit application including: 

  • Circulatory support device development
  • Isolated heart and perfused organ studies
  • Mock circulatory models
  • Flow phantoms
  • Any experimental or process application where flow measurement in tubing is needed

Transonic® TS410 Tubing Flow Modules fit into 400-Series Instrumentation Consoles and are compatible to mix and match with other 400-Series Modules.

Product Overview
  • Measure True Volume Flow in Tubing
  • Measures Blood, Saline, Water, Cell Culture, Physiological Buffer Solutions, Blood Analogs such as Glycerine/Water Solutions
  • Program Alarm Conditions:
    • High / Low Flow Threshold Alarm
    • Bubble / “Received Signal” Alarm
  • Recalibrate Flowsensors onsite for changed or new parameters (or conditions)
  • Compatible with PXL Clamp-on Flowsensors and PXN Inline Flowsensors
  • Analog output compatible with most Data Acquisition Systems
  • Gold Standard Transit-time Technology
  • Installs in a 400-Series Instrumentation Console: T402 or T403
  • Not for use in humans